Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crunchy Cranberry Pie

My office always has a luncheon the day before Thanksgiving, so I took the opportunity to make something from A Thyme to Celebrate to share with my coworkers.  I decided on crunchy cranberry pie, because I love cranberries and I cannot resist buying the fresh ones that are in stores around this time of year.

I don't have a food processor (and I recently broke my blender while trying to use it as a food processor), so I chopped the cranberries by hand.  I'd say it only added 5 minutes to my prep time at most. Other than that, the preparation was straightforward and did not take much time.   I used a deep dish pie shell just to make sure the filling would fit.  

This pie was beautiful and tasted delicious.  Needless to say, my coworkers happily ate the whole thing.  My only complaint is that the pie fell apart when it was cut, but no one really seemed to mind.  I plan to add this into my rotation of fall/Thanksgiving desserts.   

Thanks for sharing Martha!

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