Monday, December 5, 2011

Pumpkin Roll

On the range of level of skill required to make a dessert, the pumpkin cream cheese roll would probably fall into the intermediate category. In terms of putting the ingredients together properly so that it tastes good, it's very easy, but making it pretty is a little more difficult!
 The batter is simple with few ingredients and bakes very quickly. I was concerned about it falilng apart when I tried to roll it up, but I was pleasantly surprised when it held up beautifully!  I encountered a challenge with rolling it up into the elegant pinwhell shape that these types of roll cakes are supposed to have.  I think I will have more success next time if I use a  larger baking sheet so that the cake comes out a bit thinner and less ungainly to roll up.  It's also possible that it would have looked prettier if I had used less of the cream cheese filling, but it was so delicious when I tested it that I just couldn't stand to part with any of it :)
I think this dish would be a very elegant choice for a fall brunch to go with coffee. The finished product is very similar in flavor to a carrot cake, only less sweet.

Thanks Brittany O'Connor!

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